Meet your medicine.

Take a deep breath! We're just about to launch smarter medicine, better health, and quality of life for you!


Hello, I'm Herba!

I tune medicine and health and wellness products and services to you, including organic medicine. I query the latest studies, data from product makers, crops, physicians and people like you, paired w/ deep core machine learning to output meaningful results to make your life better.

Personalized Medicine

Herba is the better prescription for personalized medicine. Herba gets to know the whole you and curates medicine, organics, and products and services.


Herba offers Herba Certified™ retailers, professionals, physicians, and service providers at the lowest price so you always know you're getting the best!

Quality of Life

Herba improves your quality of life by personalizing pain, condition, and wellness solutions and by insuring medicine, organic, and health and wellness products.

Powerful + Intelligent

Herba combines a powerful toolkit full of engaging resources w/ multilayer machine learning to continually improve and optimize results.

  • WellCare Plan

    Utilizing medical cloud data, dynamic user input, and environmental variables, Herba delivers a meaningful path to wellness.

  • Condition Profile

    Herba renders a condition detail in parallel for users in real-time, based on continual motivation and system engagement.

  • Medicine Match

    Not only does Herba explore each user's unique health needs and identify plausible conditions, Herba suggests inline products/services at amazing prices.

  • Education

    Herba's vast knowlege center and media resources are authored, correlated to user experience and accredited studies.

  • Herba Truth Index™

    As users expand medicine genomes, Herba tags results w/ truth scores, enabling users to self validate relevancy and study depth.

  • 24/7 Talk to Doc

    Herba offers multiple points of contact to assist users. Activate the Herba Concierge, chat w/ a physician, or read other user's stories to get the best results.

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